Splendid (triacetin)

Flavors ML Drops % of total
Mad fruits
Flavour Art (FA)
0.3 ml 6 1%
DX Banana Cream
The Flavour Apprentice (TFA)
0.15 ml 3 0.5%
Blueberry Candy (Triacetin)
The Flavour Apprentice (TFA)
1.2 ml 24 4%
1.7 ml 5.5%
Flavors: 1.7 ml ( 5.5%)
PG base: 7.4 ml ( 25%)
VG base: 21 ml ( 70%)
VG | PG Ratio: 70% | 30%
Nicotine strength: 0 mg
Volume: 30 ml

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